PR Visa

Process to apply PR Visa for Australia


Australia is one of the top countries to be suitable as Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. It has many designed Visa categories to suggest permanent residency to the particular candidates, Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa, etc.


Let’s introduce the main aspects of PR Visa in Australia.


Key Requirements for Australian PR Visa

  • Documents Arrangement
  • Choosing Visa Category
  • Select a Job from SOL
  • Points based system for applying
  • Health and Character Requirement


Key Benefits of Permanent Visa in Australia

  • You can officially multi-visit Australia with in a period of 5 years later need to be renewed.
  • Can apply for citizenship after some years
  • Get access to free health and medical service
  • Sponsor your family for getting PR Visa benefits
  • You can easily gets the right to live, work and study over there
  • Children born in Australia directly gets the citizenship
  • Free Education benefits for children




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