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Top 5 Job Occupation Demanded in Canada


Canada is having a high employment rate when compared to other developed countries. The government of Canada is offering a high employment opportunity for immigrants in different occupations.

The Top 5 Job Occupation That are in Demand

The following are the occupations that are highly demanded in Canada

Health Care Manager:

Health care managers are responsible for supervising other professionals, recruiting new hires, planning and evaluating service providers and setting budgets. The government anticipates there will be more jobs for work in this position five years from now.

Health care managers make an average salary of $80,000-$90,000 on an annual basis, but that varies depending on the service given.

Human Resources Manager:-

This job engages in taking an important role in the human resources department. Part of responsibility includes recruitment, training, bargaining with organizations and the management of pay and benefits.

The average salary for human resources managers is $85000-$90000 on annual basis.

Financial Manager:-

The Financial Manager head up financial and accounting departments develop policies and performance standards and write reports for senior management. Duties may include preparing financial statements, co-ordinating budgets and attentive management to a tendency that might affect a company’s financial performance.

The average salary for financial managers is $95,000 per annul

Electronic Engineer:-

Electronic Engineer is a person who manages all the activities regarding all the electronic devices for an organisation. Their responsibilities might include designing electronic circuits, planning new electrical networks or investigating electrical failures.

The average salary for electronics engineers is $90,000 per annul.

Business Executive:-

This job category includes a variety of high-level positions at companies and organizations, including chief executives, financial and operating officers, executive vice-presidents, and executive directors. You’ll make decisions about the business mission and work on the growth side of business.

The average salary for this job position is $100,000-$110,000, but executives at major companies make much, much more.

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