How to get Canadian work visa

Canada work permit or work visa is issued to eligible overseas individuals to work in that country for a specific time period. It allows the Business people, Permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to work in Canada.

Every year, around 200,000 foreign-skilled workers come to work in Canada on Temporary Work Permits. Canadian work permits also known as, Canadian work visas, make provisions for working in Canada without the need to undergo points-based assessments. In order to work in Canada on a Canadian work visa, foreign-skilled workers must have an offer of employment from a Canadian employer and be granted a Labour Market Opinion by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

Requirements to apply for jobseeker visa

The requirements depend on the position. For most jobs, a written job offer from the employer, proof of a positive labor market opinion, and a diploma or proof of work experience are necessary to apply for the visa. For jobs that do not require a positive labor market opinion, a passport (or another travel document) and proof of immigration status in the country from which you are applying are required. A medical exam or criminal background check may also be necessary.

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How To Get A Job Seeker Visa To Work In Germany?


Germany Job Seeker Visa All You Need To Know

The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit Visa. This is one of the best ways to search for a job in Germany is by applying for the Germany Job Seeker Visa.

Germany is considered to be one of the best European countries in the world. Germany gives the best quality of life and at the same time, it has a strong economy. Germany also provides plenty of career opportunities.

Germany wants qualified professionals to take up various jobs in their country. This Germany job seeker visa will give the person an opportunity to come and stay in Germany for a period of six months. During these six months, the person with this visa can search for a job in Germany.

Why Immigrate to Germany?

  • Public transportation is affordable and the best
  • High wages and salaries
  • Opportunity to convert to EU Residency later
  • You can give the best lifestyle to your loved ones by obtaining the Permanent Residency.
  • Earn in Euro’s
  • Strong Economy & Job Market
  • Enormous career opportunities in the diversified sector
  • Ongoing skill shortage due to the aging German population
  • Flexible working hours
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 The following are the job professionals who are in demand in Germany.

  • Software developer and programmer
  • Electronics engineer, electrician
  • Healthcare worker and nurse
  • IT consultant, IT analyst
  • business administrator
  • Sales representative
  • Account manager

Check if you are eligible for the Germany Job Seeker Visa:

There are several criteria that you need to fulfill to be eligible to apply for the German job seeker visa. These are as follows:

  • Candidate must be of 25 years
  • Must hold a Bachelor or Master’s Degree from a verified university in the country you stay
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in your related field of study
  • Show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay during the time you are in Germany
  • Have travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit
In conclusion, if you are determined to find employment in Germany, make sure to follow these steps.
You cannot work in Germany with a job seeker visa once you find the job then you must change it to a residence permit for employment.
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How To Get A Work Visa In Australia?


Nowadays, it’s easier to get a work visa in Australia. As Australia is the sixth-largest country by its area and one of the most highly urbanized countries. Australia is offering a work visa so every year thousands of workers are choosing Australia as their destination to live and work.

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Work-life in Australia:

Australia has a work-life balance between work and personal lives. The majority of the professionals in Australia are happiest with their mix life in the capital territory and Tasmania. Australia has a high employment rate with lure millions of individuals to work and live permanently.

Abundant career opportunities with different types of industries. Australia is one of the stable countries in terms of the economy in this fast world.

Some Of The Top Industries To Work In Australia Are As Follows:
  • Health care
  • Education and Training
  • Building and Construction
  • Architectural
  • Information and Communication
Eligibility for the Work Visa in Australia:

Eligibility for a work visa in Australia depends on the type of visa applying for. Eligible factors for the work visa Australia are as follows:

  • The nominated occupation must be on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.
  • You should have skills and experience for the occupation you are applying.
  • Skills are needed to be assessed by the recognized assessing authority.
  • Need to prove the language efficiency in the English language by providing certified documents.
  • Require to meet the character and health criteria.
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Work visa categories in Australia:

To live and work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis one should require to apply for the following visas:

Skilled Migration Visa:

Skilled migration visa is designed for foreign skilled workers with having the skills needed by the Australia labour market. Skilled migration visa has common categories as:

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (subclass 489)
Nominated/Sponsored Visas:

Nominated /sponsored visa is for individuals who meet other required criteria and should be nominated by –

  • Recognized Australian Employer
  • Territory or State Authority
  • Government Agency of Territory or State
Process Time For A Work Visa In Australia:

The processing time for a work visa for Australia depends on the type of visa you are applying for and on the verification of the required factors.

Once the Work Visa is approved the Australian market is open for you.

Start your pathways to Australia for your dream job destination where research and development are a part of the largest economies.

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What is job seeker visa?

The Germany job seeker visa is a Long-Term Residency Permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six months and search for a job. If you find the job in the six months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the Germany work permit or the Germany work visa and you will be allowed to work and live in Germany. Please note that having a German job seeker visa does not allow you to start working in Germany immediately after going there. It only means that you can visit the country and look for a job during your stay.

In order to obtain a job seeker visa for Germany, you need the following:

  • Must be eligible to apply
  • Compile all the necessary documents

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Software engineers: The most demanded skilled workers in Canada?

The Canadian economy needs skilled technology workers. Canadian employers are hiring qualified software engineers as soon as they are available.

If you are a qualified and experienced software engineer, Canada’s Global Talent Stream means you could move here in two weeks.

Once here on a temporary work permit, your application for permanent residence can be received and processed quickly. With an offer of work and a resume with qualifications and experience in demand, the process can be fast through the Express Entry system.

From that application on your Smartphone to the main computer programs, a good software developer is always a crucial part of the development of a firm. A wide range of industries now rely on software to function, which means that it is no longer just technology companies that are creating new applications and programs. Skilled workers will have their choice of jobs in a field driven by candidates.

What are the average salaries for IT professionals in Canada in 2019?

In Canada IT industry offers some of the most competitive salaries:

  • The average annual salary is $ 81,500
  • The lowest 10 percent of wage earners in the technology field earns less than $ 48,750
  • The top 10% of employees earn more than $ 114,300
  • The salary range for software engineers is $ 83,000 to $ 99,000

What does a software engineer do?

A software engineer is essential for any company that makes its own software or needs to customize third-party software. They are responsible for writing, testing and editing programs. The field has specialists in different layers of development. It is also fast movement. Graduates in Software Engineering must also learn at work, or they will find that their knowledge is outdated very quickly.

What qualifications does a software engineer need?

In general, software engineers have graduated in computer science or computer programming programs. Increasingly, colleges and universities are offering specific Software Engineering careers. Degrees in mathematics or broader science subjects are also a foundation for a Software Engineering career. Software engineers need an in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Java, Python and C ++ etc,. They must also understand HTML5, CSS3 and content management systems etc,

What are Canada’s specific requirements for software engineers?

There are no formal qualifications specific to Canada for software engineers. Applicants with qualifications from abroad are likely to require a Canadian equivalency assessment as part of the application process. Canada is currently in a recruiting campaign for technology workers, which makes Software Engineers some of the most wanted employees here.

How can we help software engineers move to Canada?

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Job Vacancies In Canada Hit More Than 5,00,000 In The First Three Months Of 2019


The job vacancies of Canada have increased again in 2019 compared to the same period (first three months) of 2018.

Recent Statistics: Canada said that nearly 80% of vacancies are for permanent positions.

There is an increase of 44,000 vacancies which hit almost 5,06,000 compared to the same period of 2018.

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The federal government decision is to raise immigration levels over the next three years, and the majority of newcomers are excepted through the Economic class immigration program.

Jobs in Canada for Immigrants (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia)in 2019

Quebec saw a great increase over year by year in job vacancies which rose to 21,400 or 23% and half of this increase was spread to three sectors like health care and social assistance, manufacturing and accommodation and food services.

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Two Economic Regions – La Mauricie which stood first which experienced 89.4% and Laurentides placed third and experienced 57.1%.

Ontario experienced the second highest year over year increase at 12,400 with the great increases recorded in five different sectors

The job vacancy rate of British Columbia is 4.4% which has 9,300 job vacancies increase over year by year.

Job vacancy in Canada – Industry wise data

Industry Increase In Job Vacancies
Health care and social assistance sector 9,900
Professional 9,100
Scientific and technical sector 9,100

The statistics Canada reported that there is an hourly wage rate increased from $1.20 to $30.1.

Manufacturing, retail trade, accommodation and food services, and educational services are also experienced year over year increase in job vacancies during the first three months of 2019.S

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this Canada PNP programs as a path to working and living in Canada permanently.

Stay Tuned For The Jobs in Canada for Immigrants.