British Columbia Issued 57 Invitations to Apply for Tech Pilot draw on 25th June 2019

Tech Pilot was introduced by British Columbia to address labor needs and the draw which is held on June 25 by British Columbia issued 57 invitations to apply for Tech Pilot through British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

BC PNP events specially focused on the technology sector it helps in the province recruit and retains foreign talent in 29 In-demand occupations in the technology sector.

The 57 invitations were distributed among the skilled immigration and express entry British Columbia streams. The applicant under BC PNP Tech Pilot is required to have a one-year full-time valid job offer with at least 120 days remaining at the time of application.

There are four categories that are targeted for BC PNP draw with a minimum score of 90.

The Categories Are As Follows:

  • Express Entry British Columbia- Skilled Workers
  • Express Entry British Columbia- International Graduate
  • Skilled Immigration- Skilled Workers
  • Skilled Immigration- International Graduate

Every week, the BC PNP will conduct a tech draw to invite the highest scoring technology sector registrants to apply.

The draw which is held on June 25 is a sixth consecutive draw with minimum score and the scores are based on the information provided by the candidate when registering with BC PNP, this is the first step required for the Skilled Immigration and Express Entry streams.

BC PNP will process the application on a priority basis and if it is approved the applicant receives nomination that can be used to apply for permanence residence.

The evaluation of candidates for the Skilled Immigration Registration System is done through factors like education, work experience, and proficiency in English or French.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living in Canada permanently.

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Express Entry Draw #123: Invites 3,600 Candidates for Canadian PR visa

A new Express Entry draw took place On Monday, August 12, in which a total of 3,600 invitations to apply for Canadian PR visa.

The minimum score needed for this draw is 466 and above.

The cut-off score 466 had increase of seven points over the previous draw on July 24. Which had the minimum score of 459.

Since January 2019- 52,600 ITAs have been issued in the draws

Canada’s Express Entry System manages the profiles of candidates for three of Canada’s economic-class the immigration programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class

The factors age, education, work experience, and language proficiency are considered to rank candidates and scores are awarded under Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking Score.

The set Number of highest ranked candidates receive an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence or ITA, through regular draws from the pool and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada aims to process applications for Permanent Residence.

Express Entry candidates who have received a provincial nomination will be added extra 600 points towards their CRS score.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living permanently.

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Application For Australia Visa Will Be Increased From July 1st 2019

The immigration department of Australia has announced the 5.4% increase in the application fee in all types of visas.

Some Common Type Of Visas Approximate Differences Are Below:

Type Of Visa Current Fee From June 1st 2019 Approximate Increases
Student $575 $606 $31
General Skilled Migration $3755 $3958 $203
Graduate Temporary Subclass 45 $1535 $1618 $83
Partner $7160 $7547 $387
Parent(Contributory) First Instalment $340 to $3855 $358 to $4063 $18 to $ 208
Tss-Stsol $1175 $1238 $63
Tss-Mltssl $2455 $2587 $132
Ens/Rsms $3755 $3958 $203
Business Migration – Entrepreneur $3755 $3958 $203
Business Migration – Significant Investment Visa $7310 $7705 $395

No increase of second visa application for parent contributory which its current charges $43,600 per person which sounds great.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living in Australia permanently.

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Extension Of Tech Pilot 2020 By British Columbia!

Tech pilot will be extended to 2020 by British Columbia. The province immigrant programme announced on June 3rd.

British Columbia provincial nominee program introduced in 2017, the tech pilot provides a path way to Canadian permanent residence to global talented with a job offer in one of the pilots 29 eligible tech occupations.

After applying the job offer must be at leastone-year duration and to have at least 120 days remain on it.

Eligible candidates in the skilled workers and international graduates’ categories of the BC PNP’s Skills immigration and Express Entry B.C. streams issued invitations to apply in weekly draws.

Express Entry candidates can receive additional 600 points toward there ranking score who apply for and receive the provincial nomination from British Columbia and are prioritized for an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

The extension to tech pilot is to get global talent and continued ability to recruit by British Columbia.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living in British Columbia (BC) permanently.

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Nova Scotia Is Inviting 312 Express Entry Candidates With Work Experience In Early Childhood Education!

A new draw is held for 312 express entry candidates with eligible work experience as early childhood educators and assistant on June 3.

The invitation was issued through the labour market priorities stream, which allows Nova Scotia to search the candidates with the eligible work experience in an occupation that is facing shortage in labour market province.

The NSNP allows Nova Scotia to nominate set number of immigration candidates for Canadian permanent residence each year in which through eight streams according to the economic province.

Express entry candidate who received provincial nomination will receive additional 600 points towards there ranking score and are propel for an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

To consider for provincial nomination Nova Scotia’s labour market priorities stream, the first step is to enter express entry pool.

The draw on June 3 was the second and through the labour market priorities stream to target candidates with work experience in national occupational classification 4214 which means early childhood educators and assistants.

There is other criterion which includes:

  • Proof that candidate has received post-secondary education in early childhood education for children aged from 0 to 8 years.
  • Proof that candidate has completed a program of two or more at a university, college, technical school and other institute,
  • Proof of minimum of five years of work experience in NOC 4214 from employer with letter of reference.

The NSNP said that those selected on June 2 submitted their express entry profile on or after august 8, 2018.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living in Nova Scotia (NSNP) permanently.

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Canada day is the national day for Canada. On July 1st, 1867 the nation was officially born with three provinces into one country, they are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province, which then split into Ontario and Quebec. It is also known as Dominion Day.

Know the Importance of Remembrance Day in Canada and Canada’s important to the world.

Canadians feel proud of their heritage on Canada day, on the occasion of Canada day citizens of Canada memorize it by recalling the History of Canada Day, they organized many events, weekend holidays including (statutory holidays in Canada), especially for Canada day 2019 events in this they participate with full enthusiasm.

What is meant by statutory holidays in Canada?

Canada statutory holiday means a large percentage of the population gets the day off and in turn, many retailers, government offices, libraries, schools, and services shut down.

A great American politician and humanitarian activist mentioned some prominence prose about Canada Day at Canada Place:

 “In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect”.

Bill Clinton

Today, let’s talk about the importance of Canada day and how it welcomes new immigrants every year.

Canada is the best country to migrate because it is a multi-culture country, where expats from different countries live and work together. 2019 Canada Day holiday is a special day to immigrants, who have left their home and family for a better life there.

Immigrants may go for Study, work or for Permanent Residence in Canada and have chosen as their destination because it is a safe and secure country to survive.

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migrate to Canada
Explore Canada for Unforgettable Memories

The majority of immigrants select Canada to work and settle properly by applying for the Permanent Residence Visa. This PR Visa leads you to get Canadian Citizenship.

 There are many reasons to choose Canada in which there are many benefits for immigrants:
  • It has plenty of job opportunities
  • Inviting a huge number of immigrants
  • Safe and secure country
  • Fair selection of immigration system
  • Shortage of skilled workers

If you want to migrate to Canada through Permanent Residence then you must consult the Best Canada PR visa consultants near you.

Read More About Canada:  Targets 61,000 Candidates for the Canada PNPs in 2019
As there are plenty of ways are offering for expats in Canada. Following are some of the benefits of getting Permanent Residence in Canada:
  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • Free healthcare
  • Free education
  • The multicultural migration destination
  • Social security benefits
What are the importance of Canada day 2019 celebrations?

Each year on Canada day celebrations, thousands of immigrants across Canada join together by becoming Canada’s newest citizens.

They invite you to come to celebrate being and becoming Canadian by witnessing one of these emotional celebrations and then to join us in welcoming our newest citizens this Canada Day 2019.

“Iwould also like to welcome our new citizenship judges, most of whom will be presiding over their first citizenship ceremonies on Canada Day. Each judge brings an impressive set of skills and experience”.

– The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship

Even Canada Government welcomes immigrants to celebrate Canada day and welcomes new citizenships.

What do you do on This Canada Day 2019? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

Can I apply for Australia PR without IELTS test?


If you are considering whether you can apply for an Australian PR without the IELTS test, then let me assure you that there are ways in which you do not have to apply for the IELTS to apply for a permanent residence visa in Australia.

But what makes IELTS so important for Permanent Residence in Australia?

Australia is an English-speaking country and a continent, where the official language is English. It is important that the residents of Australia are well versed in the language to carry out all the necessary communications. Therefore, IELTS becomes mandatory, especially for those who belong to a country that does not speak English.

Are there any Australian PR alternatives without IELTS?

Yes, there are alternatives to the evaluation of IELTS (International English Language Training System) that can help you apply for Australian PR without IELTS as:

  • Pearson English Test (PTE)
  • Test of English as a foreign language – based on the Internet (TOEFL)
  • Cambridge Advanced English Test (CAE)
  • Occupational English Test (OET)

Can I avoid taking the test of proficiency in English language and continue applying for Australian PR?

Well, yes, you can apply for Australian PR without IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or any other linguistic competence test. Below are the three categories of visas that allow you to omit the language: the evaluation of the competition as a whole.

Family sponsorship: if you are being sponsored by any member of your family who resides in Australia

Child / dependent: if you are under 18 and dependent on your parents or another person residing in Australia.

Spouse of the principal applicant: If you apply for the Australian PR as the spouse of the principal applicant, then you are eligible to apply for the Australian PR without IELTS.

Note: Apart from the criteria mentioned above, candidates must apply for the IELTS before applying for the PR from Australia under the Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 190 visa and Subclass 489 visa.




Well, 2019 is going to be a surprising year for Canada’s Express Entry System. As Federal Skilled Express Entry program is going to invite a large number of immigrants as Canadian Permanent Residents through Express Entry Draws in 2019. Process and requirements for Express Entry System is made hassle-free by the Canadian Government as great interest showed by Canada PR Aspirants.

Almost every Canada Express Entry Draw in 2019 will created a new record for either highest ever Canada PR Invitations or for the lowest ever qualifying marks / CRS score requirement for an individual profile to get selected in the draw of express entry system.

Express Entry 2019 – Canada

Let’s talk about the New Year – 2019, which will be known differently when we talk about immigration. In fact, with an increase in the annual immigration goal for skilled workers this year, it may be the record year in the history of the Express Entry System launched in January 2015.

Predictions about the Canada Express Entry Program – 2019

Canada’s annual immigration target is 310,000 by 2019, with a significant increase in the targets for the skilled worker in the express entry system and PNP, etc. Canada is likely to invite approximately one million people as permanent residents by 2021, through different immigration programs.

In order to obtain additional assistance for immigration in Canada, we offer a wide range of visa and immigration services such as Business Visa;, Work Visa and many more.

Read more about: Canada Express Entry System

Finally, if you are looking for additional advice or full documentation support to apply for the Canadian PR visa, you can contact Prominent Overseas Careers (Certified Canadian Immigration Experts)

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The Express Entry system is used by the Canadian government to manage applications for Canadian Permanent Residence through various immigration programs including Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades. It’s most admired and appreciated point based online immigration system within the world. Interested people who are willing to migrate to Canada to live and work on a full-time basis, who meet the criteria for at least one of these immigration programs, can formally express their interest in becoming a permanent resident of Canada by creating an Express Entry profile.

Interested applicants once file their application in Express Entry pool, applicants will be scored according to the program’s point-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and this score will determine the candidate’s rank within the pool. Applicants with the highest scores will then be invited to apply to immigrate to Canada as Permanent Residents.

How to score high in Express Entry ?

To get high score in express entry system, you must have close to maximum points for each selection factor of Canada’s foremost immigration program, i.e. Express Entry System. The selection factors of express entry are: Age, Education, Work experience, Language Proficiency, Arranged employment and Adaptability.

There are some factors on which you cannot do much at once, that is, the factor of age, education, work experience, etc. However, for some key factors you can earn some valuable point at any time depending on your profile, such as;

  • One can get highest age factor points till the age of 29 years. The maximum score you can get is 110 points
  • For your education, if you are a bachelor’s degree holder, masters and PhD, you can get 150 maximum points
  • For language proficiency, if you score CLB 9, you will be entitled to receive 136 maximum points An overseas work experience of more than 6 years
  • State or territory nomination would give you 600 additional CRS
  • Sibling or parent residing would give your further additional points
  • French Language test would also give additional points
  • Spouse assessment

You can also score additional points in express entry for below factors:

Provincial Nomination :-

Well, if you don’t have high enough points based on your profile and six selection factors, you always have an option open to increase your points massively. If you apply in a relevant Provincial Nominee Program, you can earn up to 600 additional points in express entry.

The express entry aligned stream of a Provincial Nominee Program provides you pathway to get massive increase in CRS score, and consequently get invitation to apply for permanent residency from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Sibling and Adaptability :-

If you have a sibling in Canada, or you or your spouse share some kind of connection in Canada, that is, a relative in Canada or a previous education or work experience in the country of the maple leaf, you will get some valuable points based on the same and, therefore, increase your CRS score tremendously.

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Nova Scotia Initiates New Immigration Pilot For In-Demand Intermediate-Skilled Workers

Nova Scotia starts new immigration pilot for in-demand intermediate-skilled workers and Entrepreneur and International Graduate Entrepreneur streams. Nova Scotia has uncovered a new three-year pilot stream for immigration candidates with an eligible job offer in one of its targeted intermediate-skilled occupations.

The Occupations Are Also Subject To Change As Labour Market Needs In The Province Evolve.

The Occupation in Demand Stream is currently open to eligible candidates with a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in two specific occupations categorized as Skill Level C under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

NOC 3413 – Nurses aides, orderlies and patient service associates
NOC 7511 – Transport truck drivers

Candidates Must Also Meet The Following Requirements In Order To Be Eligible:

  • Have One Year Of Work Experience Related To The Job;
  • Be 21 To 55 Years Old;
  • Have A High School Diploma;
  • Have The Appropriate Training, Skills And/Or Accreditation For The Job;
  • Prove Language Ability Equal To Canadian Language Benchmark (Clb) Level 4 Through Official Language Test Results;
  • Show enough financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

The NSNP says work experience and transferable skills will be verified via letters of reference from employers and supporting employment documents.

Candidates approved through the stream would receive a provincial nomination and could then apply to the Government of Canada for Canadian permanent residence.

Updates To Existing NSNP Entrepreneur Streams

The NSNP also announced updates to its Entrepreneur and International Graduate Entrepreneur streams.

Existing business owners will now be eligible under the Entrepreneur Stream and can include operating expenses towards the required minimum investment.

Individuals can check there Eligibility Here for this program as a path to working and living in Nova Scotia (NSNP) permanently.

Stay Tuned for the latest update about Canada Province.